If you haven’t yet heard of ORA they are a company that specializes in aquaculture.  They have managed to not only successfully breed numerous fish species in captivity, but also a large number of invertebrates.  Their success has made them the largest producer and seller of marine ornamentals in the world.

We have long been supporters of ORA not only for their conservation efforts, but also the quality of the animals they produce.  I have personally purchased clownfish, SPS (small polyped stony corals), and multiple clams from ORA that not only thrived in captivity but had coloration without comparison.

For a number of reasons corals and fish all seem to do better when raised in captivity.  If you think about it it really makes sense.  Corals and fish that have been taken from the wild have grown under completely different circumstances then those in captivity such as water quality, lighting, temperature, and currents.  Those animals in the wild have also been exposed to many types of bacteria and organisms which aren’t always present in captivity.  There are instances where fish and corals introduced into an aquarium seem to be doing fine while the original inhabitants start to become sick.  What doesn’t always kill the recent addition to your tank, can have disastrous effects on your other animals.  It isn’t certain that you won’t have diseases still occur with propagated animals but the risks are greatly reduced.

While the selection of tank raised fish is still small it is always growing as ORA continues to add new species to their list every year.  The selection of corals from ORA is also continuing to grow with more than 40 stony and soft corals currently available. Here is a list of the corals they have available: ORA Corals

Keep an eye out for ORA fish and corals at your local fish store or check online as there are a number of stores which carry them.

Propagating many corals is extremely easy to do in your own tanks as well and can be used to help support your hobby.  Not only can you trade and sell them to your friends, but you can also go online and do the same with a larger community of hobbyists. Check out frags.org an online community that was setup to provide hobbyist with a way to buy and sell corals online.

Not only does trading help reduce the number of corals taken out of the wild, but you can turn your tank into a little business which is also a lot of fun.